Samsung ML-2151N Printer Driver and Software

As you can see from the specs, the Samsung ML-2151N is a feature-rich printer. It’s also a powerful printer with 16MB of memory. This memory delivers good results and helps reduce data overload on the printer in a work environment. The ML-2151N also supports multiple operating systems, making it at home in an office environment with various computers.

One of the features I admire about the ML-2151N is the fact that it uses USB 2.0 technology rather than the USB 1.1 technology that some other laser printers still use. This means faster data transfer to the ML-2151N, reducing print time for jobs. The version I am reviewing today does not come with the WiFi option.

Samsung ML-2151N Printer
Samsung ML-2151N Printer

The Samsung ML-2151N is covered with adhesive tape to prevent printer doors from opening and possibly breaking. The printer takes up quite a lot of space, so you need to allocate a large space for it. One of the reasons for its size is the ML-2151N’s ability to support many paper sizes: Letter Size, A4, Exec, JIS B5, A5, Folio, Legal and Custom.

The top tray, located directly under the top cover, is the multi-purpose tray, which can be used to print everything from envelopes to transparencies (envelopes are fed manually). The bottom tray is the primary paper tray. This tray can hold up to 500 pages of paper. To the right of the tray there is a paper level indicator that shows how much paper is left. The blue mechanism you see in the paper tray is for custom paper adjustment.

The left back of the ML-2151N houses the power outlet and computer ports. What’s notable here is the network jack, which makes a printer useful for home and small business networks.

To the right of the ports is the output tray, which can be opened to clear a paper jam. I found no need for this during testing. At the bottom is the paper tray extension, which can store longer lengths of paper.

The ML-2151N’s operation is very quiet when idle and still very quiet when running. During operation, you will only hear the printer heating up and paper coming out of the tray. From the time you turn on the ML-2151N, it takes about 10 seconds to finish printing, and from the time you send the print command from the computer to the printer, it only takes 5 seconds to start printing and once it prints it prints quickly.

Now Samsung offers a claim of 21 pages per minute (ppm). All manufacturers report their ppm while using a lower than the maximum dpi rating supported by their printer. This can be misleading if you routinely use the professional, high-quality 1200dpi mode.

Samsung ML-2151N
Samsung ML-2151N

Your speed won’t be as fast. The ML-2151N’s 21 ppm claim is based on 600 dpi mode, the middle of the selectable dpi setting. For most of us, 600 dpi from laser printing is good enough. Don’t confuse the quality of 600dpi inkjet printing with 600dpi laser printing – laser is generally superior.

I can confirm 21 ppm in standard mode of 600 dpi and with sharp, clear and easy to read text without bleeding. The ML-2151N’s graphics quality is generally good too. I encountered a range from crisp and clear to sometimes visible scan lines. For a laser printer in 600dpi mode it was pretty darn good. If you switch to the highest 1200 dpi mode, you’ll get better results, but you’ll lose a few pages per minute speed.

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Throughout the entire test, the Samsung ML-2151N was reliable, flexible and demonstrated high-quality workmanship. There were no paper jams and the print quality was very consistent.

Samsung ML-2151N Specifications

  • Up to 21 ppm
  • 1200 dpi class
  • 16 MB memory (upgradeable to 144 MB)
  • 500-sheet cassette
  • 100-sheet multi-purpose tray
  • Toner capacity: 8,000 pages at 5% coverage
  • 45 scalable 1 bitmap, 136 PS3 fonts
  • IEEE1284, USB 2.0
  • 10/100 Base TX
  • Optional interface: 10/100 Base TX + 802.11b Wireless LAN
Samsung ML-2151N Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • MacOS 10.6 / 10.9
Samsung ML-2151N Driver Download
Samsung ML-2151N Driver
Windows 7
Samsung ML-2151N Driver
Windows Vista, XP
Samsung ML-2151N Mac Driver
macOS 10.6 / 10.9

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