Connect Samsung Printer to Wifi

Samsung printers are capable of connecting wirelessly to your target network. To answer the question of how to connect a Samsung printer to WiFi, please make sure your WiFi network has sufficient speed.

Connect Samsung printer to WiFi network

There are numerous ways to connect Samsung printer to WiFi network. Make sure you get a stable network on your WiFi network.

  • Tap the Settings option on your printer screen and select Network Settings.
  • Select the Wi-Fi setup wizard. The Samsung printer will begin searching for nearby wireless networks.
  • Choose the name of your WiFi network. You will be asked to enter the network security key, which is your WiFi password
Samsung-Drucker mit Wifi verbinden

How to connect a Samsung printer to WiFi using WPS

WPS stands for “WiFi Protected Setup”. Some Samsung printers allow you to connect to a wireless network without having to enter a network password. To connect your Samsung printer to the computer using this method, simply press and hold the WPS switch on the modem for a few seconds. The color of the flashing LED lights on the modem will change when the connection is successful.

Some Samsung printers use WiFi Direct technology to connect to the modem via the computer.

  • Navigate to the WiFi direct menu on the printer.
  • A list of nearby devices appears on the printer’s screen. There is a WiFi symbol next to the name of the devices. Click the Wi-Fi icon next to the device you want to wirelessly connect your Samsung printer to.
  • Enter the password of your selected wireless network on the printer and enjoy wireless printing.

Samsung Printer Setup Wizard

  • Connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable.
    • Download the latest printer driver from Samsung website.
    • Proceed in the setup wizard as instructed and at the end click on “connect via WiFi”.
    • Enter the correct network password and unplug the USB cable.

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