Samsung SmarThru Office 2

Samsung SmarThru Office 2 is a powerful document management application for office users. It creates, stores and edits scan images and delivers them to any application. In addition to the previous SmarThru™ features, document management and editing capabilities have been greatly expanded to facilitate the use of SAMSUNG MFPs in offices with complicated networks and a variety of devices, and network scanning is provided as standard so that the Users do not need to install additional applications.

Samsung SmarThru Office 2
Samsung SmarThru Office 2

A powerful document management application for office users who need to take care of numerous scans and save them in digital format

Managing documents can be very tedious, especially when dealing with hundreds or thousands of documents that need to be organized and classified.

To help those who find themselves in such a predicament and are willing to go the extra mile to make their work more productive, efficient and orderly, Samsung SmarThru Office 2 is a software solution worth trying. Although the application has not received updates for quite some time, it can still prove useful.

Well-organized interface that doesn’t look outdated

The interface is pleasant to look at and use. All functions are clearly arranged in toolbars that can be moved to new configurations and then fixed.

You can choose which of the toolbars to activate, specify whether to display labels or not, and move them to any position.

Organize your documents and easily find what you need

The beauty of this application is that it already has a number of predefined categories, so you can immediately start classifying your documents after scanning them or finding them using the built-in file browser.

Samsung SmarThru Office 2
Samsung SmarThru Office 2

The powerful search function allows you to not only find files, but also search within them and find specific words or entire sentences. The queries can be performed on specific file types, which include DOC, XLS, PDF, PPT, TXT, HTML, as well as all common image formats and emails.

Samsung SmarThru Office 2 is a personal document management software solution that captures documents from multifunction devices and stores them in folders.

Scanned documents can be indexed or bound and sent to various destinations or applications such as OCR or editing programs. Network scanning is integrated into this solution, so users do not need to install additional software to use the network scanning feature.

Powerful document management solution that no longer receives updates

SmarThru Office is certainly one of the more advanced document management programs on the market, offering a solid set of features that can meet the needs of most users. However, the lack of recent updates could prove to be a problem as new versions of Windows are unlikely to fix problems.

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