HP Printer Administrator Resource Kit

HP Drucker-Administrator-Ressourcen-Kit

The HP Printer Administrator Resource Kit (PARK) is a collection of tools , scripts, and documentation to help print administrators install, deploy, configure, and manage the HP Universal Print Driver. The PARK contains both supported and unsupported software tools, scripts and documentation in a single file download.

Supported Tools

HP technical support is available for the following tools included in the HP Printer Administrator Resource Kit.

  • Active Directory Administrator Template for UPD: This Active Directory Administrator template allows an administrator to manage HP Universal Print Driver user policies and printer lists within the Active Directory infrastructure.
  • Auto Upgrade UPD: AutoUpgradeUPD.exe simplifies the process of creating clean print queues on a print server. This is useful when updating the UPD driver version, converting an older non-UPD print queue to UPD, or reverting existing print queues to factory or preconfigured installation defaults. This tool prevents existing queues from introducing unknown, incompatible and unstable configurations during driver upgrade.
  • Driver Configuration Utility: Windows application for editing the configuration file associated with a specific driver. The configuration file controls the settings of the printer driver and takes effect when installing the driver for both the dynamic mode and the traditional mode installation method.
  • Driver Deployment Utility: A simple utility that provides the driver files and code needed for deployment
  • into a *.EXE, *.XML and *.CAB file for deployment. These files are executed on the client PC to copy the driver files to the Windows driver store and install the printer.
  • PRNCON.EXE: Console application for adding, removing, and reestablishing the Point and Print connection of a network printer between a Windows client workstation and the print server to which it is connected.

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