Samsung Easy Printer Manager

Samsung Easy Printer Manager is a useful office utility that can help both novice and experienced network administrators streamline monitoring of large deployments of Samsung printers. This app actively stays in touch with all Samsung printers installed on networks of all sizes (from small businesses to school environments to large enterprises) and immediately reports any errors, unexpected behavior or technical warnings.

Samsung Easy Printer Manager
Samsung Easy Printer Manager

This app was designed from the ground up to provide simple and clear reports about your Samsung printers. It can effortlessly be used not only as an easy-to-use monitoring tool that ensures your business or organization never experiences a time without working printers, but can also be used to actively remind you to order printer supplies and even various printer services (e.g. fax settings) for remote users on your network.

If you have multiple printers on a network, be ready to use them quickly. This device will assist you in this task. It is an application created to allow you to check the featured printers on your system and is specially equipped to meet the needs of both beginners and moving customers. It teaches you basic techniques for dealing with various printers in the meantime from a PC and gives you recommendations regarding publishing errors and specific alarm systems.

Even if you only have two or three Samsung printers connected to your network, this handy tool can completely change the way you monitor them. It reports to you their health status and many other various statistics and gives you a complete overview of the various printing capabilities of the devices near your family members and employees.

The latest version of Samsung Easy Printer Manager comes in an installation package that supports any modern version of Windows, including Windows XP and all newer versions (both 32 bit and 64 bit). The app can be installed quickly and easily. The user just needs to follow the simple on-screen instructions until the app is fully integrated into the desktop or laptop system.

Samsung Easy Printer Manager Settings
Samsung Easy Printer Manager Settings

Once activated, Samsung Easy Printer Manager presents a very intuitive interface that frees up most of the app interface for a listing of nearby Samsung printers that have been detected by the app. The scan can be performed automatically or manually by entering a specific IP address. This includes not only the model number and current status of the printer, but also a wide range of other statistics – IP address, toner, paper and tray status, and even the current status message on the printer’s LCD screen. This last feature is particularly useful for troubleshooting various errors on remote printers, so you can help troubleshoot these problems even if you don’t physically go to the printer.

Other advanced features include the ability to enable different features of each individual scanner, such as: B. Scanning, faxing and more. If you want to be notified of every detected error, you can enable an email notification feature in the app settings that will send you a ticket for every detected event.

Features and Highlights

  • An essential manager app for managing any number of Samsung printers on your local network.
  • Suitable for both private users and companies.
  • Real-time error monitoring, with integrated email notification.
  • Troubleshoot remote printers by remotely viewing messages on LCD screens.
  • Available for all modern versions of Windows OS.

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